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Winter Tree


Winter tree sits on her eggs. She waits to see how it will all turn out. I’m paused for now. Here I sit on my eggs my branches are illuminated by the moon. I move my energy from the outside to the inside. Time to go inward and stop trying to produce and just be. This is a stage of dormancy. A tree goes into this cycle to send energy to the interior using only enough to sustain the outside from the changes in temperature and weather.

This inner work is important and sometimes intense. What will I produce this year – what do I want to make with my seeds? The moon illuminates my structure. Do I have what I need to bring this growth forward? This is a waiting time a sense of being suspended. Soon the spring will come and there will be a movement again. Taking time to stop and sit with something is required to bring something into fruition. Stay with it maintaining the right conditions so it can develop and grow.

Trees are pretty much my main teacher these days. I feel their silent love in every season, and I like check on my favorite trees just to see how they are doing. This tree is Winter tree.  It represents the season of winter which from the outside does not look very exciting but beneath the surface there are many things going on preparing for the new season of growth. I too need to go within in winter and prepare for the new season of growth. The seeds are buried there incubating ready to spring forward once the weather changes to spring. Go inward and organize your seeds and choose the ones that you want to activate.

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