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This painting depicts how I feel when swimming in the ocean. Weee! is a reminder to have fun.

The worldview painting series originated from a mandala journal practice. I create mandalas as a way to keep my creative muscles moving. The mandala, a circular piece of art, began to drop lower on the page until it became its own subject. The world view series became my view of the world – just like viewing the earth from the spaceships that travel to the moon. We looked back on planet earth and we saw she is a beautiful blue marble.

All my worldview paintings represent my view of the world energetically at the time of the painting. They show me over and over again that there is great joy in the universe for all of us - if only we recognize it and harness it.  I keep painting these world view paintings as they are messages to remember the joy. Each one is a different snap shot of me looking back on the earth and seeing the energetic impression.

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