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Moving On Into The Void

I am moving on. The old way is done, and the new way begins with surrender and stillness. I enter this stage empty and burned out from the old life. I have given it everything I can and now I know what isn’t going to work anymore. I’m not ready to begin again because I have no idea what I want. 

Into the void I go. I enter with my rage, disappointment and relief. Floating without direction or destination. There are no answers, only ambiguity. The old dreams are no longer relevant and it’s time for something new. My rage got me moving and the void will let me rest and heal.

The void is a transitional space to process. I need to sort through everything and see if it gives me a clue of my next destination. ­­I move easily without direction. I float here with my ideas and wait for clarity and wait for a place to land. 

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