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The blackbirds are sitting in a tree noisily calling and talking to each other. They activate the tree so that they can recharge. There is purpose to this gathering. They understand that trees heal and that energy is created when we sit in community with each other. These birds are teaching us that immense healing can occur in community and we are not to go it alone.

In times of growth, we are not alone even though it often feels that way. We are not going to get there first. We are not going to get there last. We are not going to be the only ones to finish. There is an aspect of growth that requires community effort and collaboration. This painting is about the importance of collaboration between nature and the animal kingdom.

Black birds sitting in a tree shows us that there is magic in the universe and there is magic in a gathering of community with nature. This painting reminds us to receive the healing of nature and to gather with the trees and of course with each other to recharge in community.

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